Symbiotic Online Traffic Economy Platform

Collaborative Traffic Building l Shared Rewards l Coordinated Development

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H&A Smart Online Earning Collaboration Program

Each account produces 0.09 USDT daily, Managing up to 1800 AI accounts per device
Daily revenue sharing up to 55%

Daily Income 89.10 USDT

Annual Income 32,521.50 USDT

mFun Is Committed To Developing An Online Symbiotic Value Ecosystem

Who is mFun?

mFun is a builder and provider of internet traffic

Our mission is to help traffic seekers obtain high-quality weighted traffic

Collaborating globally with influencers, MCN agencies, brands, and e-commerce live sellers

Through continuously developing the internet economy ecosystem

Ultimately growing into a global sustainable and mutually beneficial internet economy

What Can mFun Do?

Currently, mFun is a global traffic supplier on the traffic-centric TikTok

Guided by the philosophy of “symbiotic synergetic development”, we develop the "H&A Smart Human Traffic"

Enabling AI to collaborate with regular internet users worldwide

To continuously deliver high-quality weighted smart traffic with genuine IP to traffic seekers globally

Users who supply these high quality weighted traffic in bulk to traffic seekers

Can easily earn income in just a minute everyday, benefiting all parties

mFun Vision and Mission

Mission Vision 1


To build a symbiotic and win-win sustainable development economy without hassle for all

Mission Vission 2


To be the leader in the internet economy, gaining industry authority to maximize the interests of global participants

Mission Vission 3


To be the online entertainment economy service platform across all platform


50% Net Profit

To Support Technology R&D

mFun has initiated the Intelligent Technology Research Institute,
Allocating 50% of annual net profit attracting tech experts to strengthen R&D works

Ultimately creating a global traffic matching platform across all media

9 Key Highlights